The Problem Of Eco Friendly Packaging

Most people are becoming aware of a menace of retailism – that of packaging. Not only are goods packaged which are discarded at the time when an item is being used, the other concern is the increasing amount of plastic bags that tend to accumulate in our homes as we come back with our reputable grocery and clothes shopping every other day.

Dangers of plastic

The plastic bags are seen to add to eco problems to a great extent. These are non degradable materials that lie around in landfills and can even pollute the environment. These are made from petroleum byproducts and that leads to their toxic nature which is harmful for the environment. Again, landfills and drainage systems tend to get clogged with plastic bags and cause a lot of problems. Even when you buy Korean cosmetics online the problem is not solved and packaging increases with long distance shopping.

Alternatives to plastic

It was decided that paper bags can be an easier alternative to usage of plastic bags. However, paper usage will only increase deforestation concerns. Hence, it is not a choice that eco friendly people are happy with. Nowadays there are solutions being provided in the form of biodegradable paper bags. Again, these are being manufactured from tree farms which are sustainable ways to regenerate forests. However, this is not followed everywhere, especially in developing countries and not when you are about to purchase good Korean cosmetics online.

Biodegradable solutions

Today, many companies are coming up with solutions that are yet to go commercial. In some places plastic bags are made from natural gases as byproducts of corn and these are known to bio degrade over time. Paper bags are made from biodegradable paper and sourced from farms where trees are being grown for the packaging requirements. Hence, these are solutions that can arrest the present problem of packaging wastes being added by a consumerism society.

Steps consumers can take

In order to reduce the problem of packaging wastes, it is important that consumers take to recycling and reusing paper and plastic bags. In many retail outlets canvas bags are offered which are perfect for reuse. These come at a certain price, but that is nominal considering the savings they offer and the reversal effects of reducing wastes in the environment. Awareness needs to be created among consumers in developing countries in order to instill the importance of recycling and reducing the usage of plastic and paper bags. In many societies, retailers charge a premium for providing packaging bags. However, till the time people are concerned and conscious about the reuse of shopping bags the problem will not get arrested in a measurable scale.