Pros And Cons Of Coffee

Everything has its advantage and disadvantage, it depends on the people how they consume things because if you become addictive to anything it will lead to many disadvantages. Coffee is one of the main beverages which is consumed by many people and become addictive because it has caffeine in it which makes you addictive. Heart disease is very common these days because now day competition is increased each person want to better than other person that’s why people start living in stress, because of stress people started consuming coffee way too much and too much coffee can lead to the heart problem, which can take your life as well because it blocks the wall which stops your blood circulation these are the major problems you may face, everything we should take but in a certain limits. Many people like strong coffee without milk and sugar and other people like coffee only with sugar and milk, it depends on the person’s choice everyone has different taste buds.


  • Coffee is a blessing on the people who drink it daily because it reduces the risk of cancer, cancer is one the major disease which is not curable if you don’t get to know on the time, it will take your life one day.
  • People who want to reduce weight coffee can help them in reducing weight because it helps to cut down your fat from your body and it fasts your metabolism. And if you drink coffee thrice in a day there is less chance you feel hungry because it takes your hunger away.
  • If you are a diabetic patient coffee is best for you because it reduces the insulin sensitivity and stables your sugar but you have to take coffee without sugar and milk then it will help you otherwise it will not help you, in fact, it will increase your sugar level.


  • If you become addicted to coffee, it will cause insomnia because of the caffeine in it which makes you lethargic. There are chances you get vomiting because of excess drinking coffee it will lead an unhealthy lifestyle and give you a tough time.
  • Coffee can give you sleepless night because coffee can take your sleep, it had the tendency to boost you up and give energy if you drink coffee while sleeping you are not able to sleep.


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